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Mothers and Their Scobys

February 27, 2016

Laulima will be serving Big Island Booch - Kombucha on tap!


“Let food be thy medicine” -Hippocrates 431 BC. 

We are very excited to announce that Laulima will be serving Big Island Booch Kombucha on tap! And there are so many reasons to be happy about this...


Feeding our bodies living food and probiotics like Kombucha is an ancient human practice which has remarkable effects on our bodies' immune system and health. Did you know that there are more probiotic bacteria (the good kind) working symbiotically with our body than there are cells in the human body itself?! Additionally, when these probiotics are added to our system (like drinking kombucha) they not only send themselves to parts of the body where they are needed but actually morph into naturally occuring antibiotics whose purpose is to fight infection, disease and cancer. That's right, health all starts in the gut and by scoby does it taste great! And why does Kombucha contribute to a healthy gut? It's not just instinct; humans have been cultivating strains of probiotic bacteria and passing them down through the generations in the form of fermented sugar, tea and added flavors/medicines, i.e. Kombucha! It's a naturally effervescent drink that tastes wonderful, is invigorating and highly medicinal. 

And what's even better? You don't have to go far to get fresh, locally sourced kombucha on tap. Hilo's own Big Island Booch and Laulima- Food Patch restaurant have teamed up to bring you this healthy treat. Laulima will have multiple taps dedicated to serving the Big Island's favorite Kombucha. Enjoy it at the bar by the pint or purchase a re-usable 1 liter glass bottle to keep the refills going (which also keeps the cost and waste down). 

Super Ginger Tumeric Tonic will be a staple flavor on tap since it's so popular. Other fantastic flavors that will be featured on a rotating basis including Mango Merry Mint, Cacao Consiousness and Blue Green Dream. 


Ingredients are non- GMO, organic, locally sourced and artisan brewed! Bonne Sante!

Check out BigIslandBooch.org for a full description of the health benefits specific to each brew. 


LoVe FeRmEnTaTiOn? We do too! Be sure to check in to taste our latest pickling creations like kimchee, pickled greens and more! 

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